Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Ministry of Transportation

One of the most troubling experiences of trying to be as honest as I could with my doctors was them revealing to me that they had to notify the government about me.  Since I use alcohol in a binge fashion (now I understand it is to self medicate but I used to think it was just a drinking problem) and that gives our doctors in Canada an obligation to report us. 

So what I was trying to recover from at the time was a deep depression and now I am being told that the MOT (Ministry of Transportation) could now take my license away.  What struck me as odd is that this would likely have little impact on my ability to purchase a gun but I guess drinkers only cause trouble when they drive!  Well the first bunch of questions from the MOT only dealt with my drinking and my doctor by that point felt it was only misuse since while on medication I had been able to stay sober for 2.5 months at that point.

That moves us to today and I was wondering when I would hear something back from them.  So imagine my surprise when they had another letter from me explaining that now they want to know a lot more about my mental illness before making a final judgement.  This stage has to be submitted near the end of October which means that they will give me an answer close to the end of the year like an Xmas present!

Why do we have a process with the government that was started in June and could result in me losing my license in December?  That means that I have been driving all during this time and then they could determine I am too dangerous?!  Of course that would put a burden on the family to have me not be able to drive my kids to daycare, get groceries, etc. 

All this was on my mind and I couldn't sleep so a nice late night post.


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