Friday, 17 October 2014

Long time no post and One Plus One

Been a while since I have posted and that is mostly due to lazyness on my part.  I have had my Zoloft medication raised slightly and been told to take my meds EVERY day.  Sometimes my brain needs to feel free of the drugs so I can think clear enough to type anything.

I have tons of posts to discuss various things going on such as:

1. Friends - You Don't Have Any
2. Co-workers - They don't see you so you no longer exist
3. MTO - Still trying to figure out if I should be allowed to drive
4. Medication - Side effects (slightly drowsy = sleep 18-20 hours and feel sleepy for rest)
5. Enablers - Time to look into how to stop being able to get alcohol so easily.
6. Robin Williams - At least people discussed mental health for a couple days
7. Rob Ford - At least people discussed mental health in Toronto for a while.

I could continue to list things to discuss but today the thing that is troubling me is the obsessive nature of bipolar.  When we get our minds set on something we really REALLY want it.  To that end the item in question this time is a new phone.  Currently working with an old iPhone 4 that I purchased used and I wanted to upgrade to a One Plus One phone.  This requires getting an invitation which took me about 4 hours of posting to forums during a hockey game.  Then a moderator approached me and gave me an invite and all was good in the world.  The wife on the other hand dashed my hopes and told me it is either move out or get the phone.  So no phone for me...

Hopefully I win one on the #OnePlus #InsanityWeek but the odds aren't good.

I will try to post more from my tablet.

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